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Is your business running on tired, old PCs and servers? We can help. Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution outfits your business with the hardware you need, and we take care of all the maintenance. Startup costs are minimal and upgrading is simple. Check out these great deals on HaaS. We have many products available, so if your needs are specific please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our on-site service gets your new PCs up and running, fast! A certified professional delivers the new PCs to your location, configures user accounts, cleans up the mess, and recycles the empty boxes. Flat fee of $150 per PC, anywhere in Orange County. Included in HaaS pricing!

Need ongoing technical support? Get an entire team of experts with our managed IT services. Our
California-based team is professionally trained and fully certified.  Plans start at only $10 per month per device, and can even be used to supplement an existing IT department.

Call (800) 455-2000 or email sales@wticommunications.com for more info!

Can’t justify the cost of hiring in-house IT?

Do you wish you had another IT person around the office, but can’t justify the cost of hiring in-house? What if you could have an entire team of experts at your disposal, all for significantly less than the cost of hiring a new employee? WTI makes that possible with managed IT services.

  • Does productivity suffer as a result of technical difficulties?
  • Do you spend money on equipment that doesn’t live up to your expectations?
  • Are you interested in keeping your operational costs low?

WTI’s managed IT services give your business the tech support you need to stay focused on your work, all for a low, predictable monthly rate. We are well equipped to take on the challenges of servicing IT needs in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, education, medicine, high-tech, and more. Our services are highly flexible and we take the time to truly understand your business and unique challenges before we customized a plan to meet your needs.

If you need to upgrade your technology or expand the utility of your existing equipment, call us for a recommendation. Our solutions are focused on you and free from biased suggestions and unnecessary sales pitches. We evaluate your current needs and future expectations and make a recommendation based on what is most beneficial to you.

Our Help Desk solution saves you the expense and hassle of maintaining in-house tech support. In the event of errors, complications, or any number of snags, the experts at WTI step in to solve your IT problems so you don’t have to. Already have an IT department? We can work with that too! WTI can support your existing IT department, filling in gaps and picking up the slack as needed.

The WTI team is California-based, fully trained and certified, and skilled in organizing and communicating technical information. Let us show you the difference we can make when we work together! Call (800) 455-2000 or email sales@wticommunications.com today for a free consultation.

March (Network) Madness: High demand bandwidth conditions and security vulnerabilities abound.

As fans across the country are ramping up for March Madness, WTI can help keep your network fast and secure!IT departments are rushing to beef up network security and reliability in preparation for the coming onslaught of malware break-in attempts and intensive bandwidth demands. When it comes to network security and stability, the biggest problem IT managers face is already inside their organization – the employees. As they stream games, access social media to trash talk their friends, and do research for their brackets, employees unwittingly provide system access to harmful viruses, worms, or malware, in addition to creating a heavy strain on network bandwidth.

March Madness is a time when corporate networks are put to the test – one study estimated that nearly one-third of all U.S. employees spend three hours or more watching March Madness hoops during the workday, which can increase network bandwidth demand by as much as 3x over a typical workday.

According to Cisco’s experts, the industry has seen a spike in web malware during the March Madness season over the past few years. SQL injection attacks, iframe injections, JavaScript, and Java malware were some of the most prevalent. Here are a few suggestions Cisco suggests we keep in mind:

Malware refers to the type of malicious, hostile, or annoying software that invades users’ computers without their knowledge or consent. Malware ranks high in terms of its threat level to organizations, with most types entering corporate systems through Internet browsers.

  • Legitimate business sites may have vulnerabilities that allow a hostile site to deliver malware.
  • In most drive-by downloads, the victim is willing to dismissively click pop-ups and warnings as they navigate to the desired content. Users may just click on pop-ups or ads to watch videos about their favorite team.
  • Most drive-by downloads can be prevented by keeping software up to date.

If you’re at work and stream the games with little trouble, be sure to give your IT department a round of high fives – a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation went into that. If, not there’s still hope! If you’re one of the many office workers whose productivity will suffer as a result of avoidable network outages and malware attacks, heed this valuable advice on handling the challenges March Madness brings to corporate networks.

Most attacks leave a trail that can be used to identify subsequent attacks. Be sure to maintain best practices in order to get the best protection for your networks. The following are a few resources that can help you maintain a good level of security within your network and your users:

The most important defense in this year’s March Madness lineup? Yours!

Read more on Cisco Blogs.

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